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Let's make paper Queen Anne's Lace

Queen Anne's lace is said to have been named after Queen Anne of England, who was an expert lace maker. It has symbol of safety and refuge.

Queen Anne's lace definitely a good choice of flower to add texture into your bouquet. The curling of their flower heads is often likened to a bird's nest, which reminds us of the love and commitment it takes to build a happy home. Tools needed: Floral Puncher 01& 05

Scissors Materials needed: Glue Floral wire size 22 or 24 Green floral tape Green paper White paper

The making of Queen Anne's lace flower is very simple. You only need to cut a circular # like shape using green paper. Then, punch out many white flowers using Floral puncher 01 and 05. Lastly, stick the white flowers on to #.

Enjoy the tutorial here.

Need an idea how to arrange Queen Anne Lace in a vase? You can mix it with cosmos, chamomiles, poppy and billy ball just like our Hailey.

We hope you enjoy the craft! Don’t forget to show us your beautiful works by tagging us #evermoreflower on Instagram ! xoxo

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