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Convert Kitchen to Studio

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

We run our studio from home. Basically it is a 200 square ft studio converted from kitchen backyard. The studio has to fit a team of four, and not to forget hundreds of craft supplies. How are we going to make that happens?

The key is to maximize every single space we can!

Studio current look

Before renovation : it was a wet kitchen

1. Install shelf above door and windows

Since our studio's ceiling is high, therefore we install some shelves above the door and windows. We store items that are light weight or seldom use on these shelves.

Shelf from Ikea

2. Hooks are useful

Some spaces are too small to install a shelf, then hook is a better option. We install hooks on window next to the entrance to hang our personal belongings. It acts like a locker. I love putting hooks over window or tiles wall as they cause no damage to the surface.

3. Transparent box and labeling

These transparent boxes are our life savers! We have a lot of different craft supplies, and we sort everything and put them into a same box. Get the transparent one as it saves you from guessing. Best is to add labels on front and back of the box.

Transparent box from Daiso and Ikea

4. Store papers according colors

We have hundred types of papers. Some are in their original big size, and some are cut into scraps. For those uncut papers, we roll them and place in a carton box.

On another hand, we organize paper scraps in a box according to their colors. The organized storage unable us to minimize the wastage of papers. Transparent box from Ikea.

5. Use stationary pegboard

Want to get a clean working desk? We highly recommend you to get a pegboard like this. The great thing is you can fully customize the pegboard with its accessories to keep your small items.

Pegboard from Ikea

6. Store wire in dustbin

We have plenty of different sizes floral wires. To organize them, we bundle them and place them in a dustbin box with labels.

7. Trolley

Trolley definitely not a strange thing to the crafters. Everyone loves this trolley which fits in the smallest of spaces and can be moved to wherever we need it. We use it as extra storage for all our sharing tools.

Trolley from Ikea

8. Make use of the side of shelf

Don't feel like hurting your wall? The side of a bookshelf is a good spot to put up the memo board, white board and clock etc. It is space saving too!

9. Customize your furniture

We customize a table for our long and narrow size paper cutting machine. We do not want a big table to take up the space. Good thing is we install wheels on the table so it is easier for moving around.

Table and legs are from Ikea (Linnmon & Adils). We cut the table into half, and add wheels size M8.

10. Keep a Record

Too many things to remember? Yes, make a record list so that you can find the supplies easily.

If you love our sharing, here is a full video for a better visual tour of our studio:

Learning to organize craft supplies in a small space is certainly a challenge, but it is possible, even in a small space like an apartment. The key is to be creative in maximize the space. After all, Creativity, that’s what crafting is all about.

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