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We keep the minimalist flower set in less color but more details. 

Design of flowers are Oliva Rose and Dahlia.


Welcome to customize the color theme !


Size of the whole set paper flower is about 180 cm length x 120 cm height

You'll receive: -

1. Fifteen (15) units of flowers as

a) 45 cm flower x 4 units

b) 30 cm flower x 2 units

c) 25 cm flower x 7 units

d) 20 cm flower x 2 units

e) hydrangea x 15 units

f) leaf x 7 units


2. All placed in a carton box and Free shipping (within Malaysia)


Note: The flowers are ready made individual units which means they can be placed freely in other arrangement up to your creativity. This flower set exclusive on-site set up service. We encourage you to set up the flowers using 3M command tapes. Please refer to our tutorial.

Minimalist Flower Set

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