Decorate your house with paper flowers can make a huge difference in your home! Our CNY2019 flower collections are in red, peach and pink. Some flowers are edged with gold too! The color red is chosen because it is much loved by the Chinese in general as it represents happiness and good fortune
You'll receive: -

1. Seven (7) units of flowers as

a) 45 cm flower x 1 unit

b) 30 cm flower x 2 units

c) 25 cm flower x 3 units

d) hydrangea x 1 unit

e) leaf x 6 units


2. Fortune 福联 x 1 (material : cardstock thick paper)


3. 3M command free damage tapes x 1 set


4. All packed in a carton box and Free shipping (within Malaysia)


The whole set of flowers is about 3 x 4 ft size. You are encouraged to order more than 1 set for more decoration ideas (for example last photo)


Note: This flower set exclusive on-site set up service. We encourage you to set up the flowers using 3M tapes provided together the flowers. Please refer to our tutorial. 

CNY2019 Set

  • Free shipping within Malaysia