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You can make a 7ft width rainbow backdrop like this one by ordering this set of 30 flowers! 


Design of flowers are Rose, Garbera Daisy, different design of Dahlia, Poppy and gold linning Flower.


Welcome to customize the color theme !


Size of the rainbow is 200 cm length x 100 cm height

You'll receive: -

1. Thirty (30) units of flowers as

a) 30 cm flower x 7 units

b) 25 cm flower x 12 units

c) 20 cm flower x 3 units

d) 15 cm flower x 4 units

e) flower branch x 4 units

f) leaf x 6 units


2. All placed in a carton box and Free shipping (within Malaysia)


Note: The flowers are ready made individual units which means they can be placed freely in other arrangement up to your creativity. This flower set exclusive on-site set up service. We encourage you to set up the flowers using 3M command tapes. Please refer to our tutorial.

30 flowers set


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